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the Revolutionary MEDLIGHT!

We have sold over 100,000 MedLight units because it works for people.  Based on LED technology researched and developed by NASA for the Space Shuttle program and now being used by Navy Seals for physical injury recovery, many professional sports franchises and the US Olympic committee, the MedLight offers safe, convenient, and effective relief. 

It uses the power of near-infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide the temporary relief of minor aches and pains: arthritis, stiffness, muscle pain,  joint pain, muscle cramps, tennis elbow, muscle spasms, carpel tunnel syndrome, diabetic ulcers, neuropathy, wound care healing, and inflammation. 

The powerful Near IR energy emitted from the MedLight penetrates deeply and has been shown to enhance tissue’s metabolic activity in a pain-ridden area. Thus pain relief can be achieved by accelerating the body’s natural healing processes in cell mitochondria, tissue growth, and increase metabolic activity. For a more in depth explanation, click here.