Frequently Asked Questions

What causes pain?

Tissues in our body are made up of cells which are preprogrammed to function in a very specific way. When a cell structure is injured, a series of changes take place disrupting the cell's particular functions. These changes manifest themselves in what we perceive as pain in the injured area.

How does LED pain treatment work?

Researchers have discovered that exposing the body's tissues (skin, muscle, nerve and bone) to narrow band, near Infrared (IR) energy from certain light emitting diodes (LEDs) enhances a cell's ability to perform its specific function. This near IR energy, in the form of negatively charged ions, penetrates the skin and floods the area. The body responds to this flood of negative ions by significantly increasing local blood circulation, bringing in needed nutrients to repair the damaged and inflamed cells. This substantial increase in local blood circulation creates a gentle warming sensation and pain relief. The effectiveness of LED pain therapy devices is well documented and verified by NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Why use LED pain therapy instead of drugs?

In this day and age, the potential dangerous side effects of pain-relief drugs such as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), like Vioxx, Celebrex and Tylenol remain undetermined. In fact, adverse side effects are being reported more and more frequently. Some prescription pain relief drugs have even been pulled off pharmacy shelves after serious health problems have resulted from their use. LED light therapy for pain offers an effective, safe alternative to NSAIDs and other pain medications for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains, and is therefore an effective alternative medicine for arthritis. Even for people who choose to take medications for joint pain and stiffness, LED light therapy devices can be safely used at the same time.

How do I use the light?

To use our red light therapy device, simply find the point of maximum pain in the injured area by pressing gently with one finger. When this spot is located gently, apply the lens of the MedLight centered over the spot and press the start button. MedLight Pain Therapy devices will turn themselves off after 4 minutes and a buzzer will sound indicating the treatment is over. You can continue to treat the pain in the injured or painful area for another 4 to 8 more minutes four times per day. When and if the pain recurs you simply follow the same process.

How often can I use the MedLight?

As often and in as many spots as you would like. The MedLight Pain Therapy device will only cause beneficial effects for cells. There has never been any indication of even the slightest side effect or unintended effect documented in the literature. This fact makes the

MedLight Pain Therapy devices ideal for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains such as those associated with arthritis, joint pain and muscle soreness.

Why do I feel the warmth and why does the light go off in four minutes?

You will begin to feel slight warmth in the treated area as the exposure period progresses. This is due to increased blood flow in the area as a result of the dramatic increase in cellular activity caused by the application of narrow band near IR energy. The infrared light itself has no heat. The built in 4 minute time sequence is considered the optimal time needed to deliver enough energy to effectively relieve pain when applied to a painful damaged or inflamed area.

Why do some areas of the body respond differently than others?

1) The MedLight Pain Therapy device has been determined by researchers to have the optimum wavelength and energy intensity to affect all tissues in our body. Research indicates that each type of tissue may have its own most favorable and preferred wavelength and energy level, thus affecting the cell structure most optimally.

2) The location of the injured tissue also appears to be a factor. Tissue located in an area of high cellular mass and high blood flow, such as the back or shoulder, seem to experience more instantaneous relief of pain than a foot or hand. Although all areas exposed to infrared muscle therapy will have dramatic relief of pain.

What are the qualities of an effective LED pain treatment device?

There are a number of LED pain relievers on the market today. However, to be effective, an LED pain treatment device should produce at least 50mw per cm2 of near IR energy and deliver 12 Joules. Twelve Joules has been found to be the optimum treatment dose. The MedLight does so in just four minutes, compared to the much longer treatment times of other devices. Further, the device should be easy and convenient to use. Our patented LED technology provides the most effective energy in the most effective dose while keeping operation "push button" simple. A four minute timer and alarm ensure proper doses while an ergonomic design makes the treatment of any body part comfortable. The MEDwLIGHT product line also features a cordless unit designed to make pain treatment possible anywhere at any time. Our rechargeable NiMH battery pack delivers up to four hours of use on a single charge. No other portable unit in the 50mw per cm2 power range can offer that. Most use AA batteries, some needing 8 AA batteries to operate. The MEDwLIGHT product line offers the most effective power and dose along with ease and convenience at less than half the cost of comparably power rated units.

What won't the Med Light Device do?

The MedLight Pain Therapy device will not eliminate the pathology that is causing pain. For example, if the pain is caused from an injury, obviously the pain device will not prevent you from being injured. Another less obvious example would be people with cancer or a severe degenerative disc in their back , the MedLight Pain Therapy device will help them deal with the pain but will not be as effective as usually experienced due to the very active and continued destruction of cells and tissue. Therefore, it is very important to understand that if the MedLight Pain Therapy device is not giving you the results that you are accustomed to, then there is likely an underlying pathologic process underway and that appropriate medical attention should be sought immediately. The MedLight Pain Therapy device is not a diagnostic tool, and only a physician can make an accurate diagnosis of the seriousness of an underlying pathologic process.