Medlight 630 Pro


Near-IR energy from our patented design floods the treated area, increasing local blood circulation, creating a gentle
warming sensation and  minor  such as:

  • Arthritis Stiffness
  • Joint Soreness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle Soreness

The MedLight 630 PRO’s  give it a large treatment area. The four minute cycle and alarm ensure optimal treatment times. The
safe IR energy of the MedLight 630PRO can be used as frequently as needed to relieve pain. There is no danger of overdosing.



Pain relief without utilizing potentially harmful drugs!

The MedLight provides fast, affordable pain relief without the use of potentially harmful drugs. The energy from the MedLight will
not damage any tissue, has no side effects and is perfectly safe; this means that you can use it as often as you like. The more you
use it the better it works (results are cumulative).

Severity of the pain and whether the pain is chronic or acute will determine how often you need to utilize the Medlight to achieve
maximum relief. Results will range from taking the edge off to total elimination of the pain.

The Future of Pain Relief; NASA Developed Near Infrared Technology

The MedLight utilizes Near Infrared technology developed by NASA to deliver pain relieving energy.

Increased Range of Motion and Mobility

If you are suffering from stiff or sore muscles or joints, the Medlight 630 Pro may increase your range of motion and increase your mobility. This is a direct result of reducing inflammation, relaxing muscle tissue and relieving the pain of sore and stiff muscles and joints.

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