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We are glad you are here because we want to help make your life better immediately. You may have already read it, but one of our sayings is “Imagine Life Without Pain”. We mean this when we say it. We won’t make exorbitant claims about never feeling pain again, but what we are passionate about is getting the word out about light therapy for pain, and in reality, one of the best medicines for joint pain on the market. In today’s preliminary post, we are going to outline the function and technology of the MedLight 630PRO. Read on if you are interested in reducing and eliminating joint and muscle discomfort with infrared pain relief.

The MedLight

It’s time to give pain the red light by giving it the MedLight. That is our fancy slogan, but the fact of the matter is the MedLight, our red light therapy device is completely different than other LED pain relievers you might find on the market. The MedLight 630 PRO is a safe, effective, non-invasive, over-the-counter alternative to pain relief medications.

  • Safe –  The MedLight has been approved by the FDA and is UL approved, which means unlike other alternative medicines for arthritis and other joint and muscle pains, you can shop with confidence and safety. Welcome to pain relief without worrying about ingesting potentially harmful drugs!
  • Effective – The Near-IR energy from our patented design will flood the affected area, which will increase blood circulation. This will not only help reduce the pain, but will cause a gentle warming sensation to be felt around the treated surface of your body.
  • Non-invasive – Forget the annoying and sometimes painful swallowing of pills! Red light therapy benefits include not having to worry about putting your digestive system through the ringer by squeezing down 30+ pills per week.

Increased Range Of Motion

Do you ever sit there, aching and in pain, wondering what it would be like if you were to regain some of your former nimbleness? As it turns out the MedLight 630 PRO may increase your range of motion and improve your overall mobility. This is a direct result of reducing inflammation, which relaxes muscle tissue and relieves the joint pain and stiffness which has no doubt been holding you back. What would you do with this newfound mobility? Some dust off their old tennis rackets. Others lace up their sneakers and go for a job to get in shape. Still others simply enjoy climbing a staircase pain-free for the first time this century! Regardless, LED light therapy benefits are easy to grasp.

How To Use It

We utilize NASA developed Near Infrared Technology to deliver pain relieving energy from the LED light therapy device to the source. Within mere minutes you will begin to feel the reduction of pain as the blood flow increases. The 4-minute built-in treatment timer provides the optimal amount of energy, and 12-minutes is the optimal treatment time.  Energy from the MedLight will not damage any tissue, has no side effects, is perfectly safe, and is once again cleared by the FDA.

What Do You Get?

Great question, we are glad you asked! For starters, each MedLight is equipped with 81 powerful LEDs, which means that each session of light therapy for pain will provide you with 48 joules of pain relieving energy in only 4 minutes. Not sure what a joule is? We can’t blame you, so just know that the 81 LEDs means you get a larger treatment area on your body with fewer total treatments. In addition to this great feature, the MedLight doesn’t take batteries; it runs on AC power. It is lightweight with an ergonomic design, so that you can treat any affected body part without hassle. Here are some more detailed specifications, for our more in-depth readers:

  • Integrated spacer ring – This provides the optimal distance for the most effective treatment.
  • Wavelength – 633nm
  • Beam area at focus – 14cm2
  • Power density at focus – 50 mw/cm2
  • Power – 110v/220v AC Power Supply / 12v DC Car Adapter
  • Number of LEDs – 81

The Time Is Now

It is time to gain control of your life by stopping pain in its tracks. At the end of the day, pain is debilitating and can destroy your quality of life. Because of the aforementioned Near Infrared Technology developed and utilized by NASA, we are proud to offer you the MedLight which treats painful problems such as joint pain, muscle cramps, muscle soreness, and arthritic stiffness. You may find yourself in the same spot as many other of our happy purchasers once did; in pain and looking for help. If you are ready to take the next step and give pain the red light, then it is time for the MedLight.

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