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Light Therapy For Pain

What People Are Saying About The MedLight 630PRO

By June 1, 2017November 3rd, 2023No Comments

Welcome to the very first post in this space where we discuss all things related to the MedLight, light therapy for pain, muscle soreness, and pain relief methods in general. We are excited to relay the remarkable effects many people have been experiencing by using the MedLight 630PRO. People who are in need of arthritis help because of joint pain should pay attention to this post, because we are going to highlight what people who have used the MedLight 630 are actually saying about the red light therapy device that is becoming more and more popular.

Today’s post is going to be dedicated to customer reviews, because we could talk (or write) about the MedLight 630’s benefits as a pain reliever until we were blue in the face. We think that you shouldn’t just have to take our word for it; you should be able to pay attention to people who have used the LED therapy device and experienced its pain relieving attributes. With that said, let’s dive into some of our customer testimonials which we are happy to relay.

“Great Results!”
“Great product! I’ve been battling tendinitis and inflammation in muscle due to ongoing heavy weight training. This product has brought down the inflammation and allowed better mobility for me all around! Two thumbs up, highly recommend!” Matt Sheffer on May 22, 2017, 5 Stars

As Matt attests to, this is a product that works wonders for many people. For people like Matt who have been looking for knee pain medication or treatment for muscle spasms, the MedLight represents a great alternative treatment for tendinitis. MedLight users often report experiencing better mobility overall, specifically in the affected area. This can be attributed to the light therapy for pain’s capability to provide fast, affordable pain relief by delivering energy to the source. This increases local blood circulation, which results in a reduction of inflammation and pain in your knee or other joint!

“Works great!”
“I am happy to say that my hands are feeling better from my first week using the Medlight! I have had pain from arthritis and inflammation for years and this seems to take the pain down. Thank you for the great product. I am getting one for the office as well as one for home.” Matt Bonde on May 01, 2017, 5 Stars

Thank you Matt for your kind words! It’s important to realize that most people are much more inclined to write a bad review than a positive one, even if their experience was overwhelmingly satisfactory. With that in mind, it is great to hear people like both Matt’s experiencing the pain relieving effects of our red light therapy device.

Matt has been battling joint soreness and has been looking for arthritis help for some time now it sounds like, an the MedLight 630PRO has helped alleviate his arthritic joint pain. Utilizing near infrared technology that has been developed by NASA (not bad, right?), increased circulation contributes to relieve pain. On top of that, relaxing muscle tissue in the treated area is another way to experience red light therapy benefits. It’s great to hear that Matt is doing just that for his joint pain and stiffness!

“Easy to use, affordable and effective”
“I love this! It’s super easy to use and effective. I use it for recurring ankle pain and occasional neck pain and notice that it improves my movement and relieves the discomfort.

Plug it in and run it for 3 cycles while you are reading or watching Youtube. It can’t be beat. Buy one for you and one for a friend at this price.” David Korecki on Apr 25, 2017, 5 Stars

It sounds like David has had a tough time with consistent joint soreness in his neck and ankle. David is exactly right when he says all you have to do is take a break while you are watching Netflix or Youtube, and simply hover the LED light therapy device over your neck, knee, hand, or ankle, and you can begin to experience this incredible muscle pain remedy. Furthermore, the results of the MedLight 630PRO are cumulative. This means that the more you use the MedLight, the better results you will see. It’s a game of attrition, and although the MedLight’s pain relieving properties are short-term, opening up better blood flow will potentially lead to reduced inflammation and lesser pain in the long-run.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar position to Matt, the other Matt, and David. If you are worried that you may not know how to use the device on your own, rest assured that we have designed it to be as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible. The MedLight is easy to hold with an ergonomic design, meaning that you can easily treat most any part of the body. With no batteries, all you have to do is plug in the machine and hold it near your body. It’s that simple to start experiencing a pain free life!

We are passionate about helping people experience real pain and muscle tension relief in an affordable way. We don’t think that you should have to break the bank just to enjoy the benefits of near-IR energy. With the MedLight 630PRO being available for less than $200, compare that to what you might be paying for over the counter medicine! We are confident that once the word gets out, the MedLight will change the way we all think about alternatives to arthritis and muscle pain.

At the end of the day, there are no guarantees in this life, because everyone reacts differently to traditional medicine and alternative pain therapy alike. If you are interested in becoming pain free, imagine a pain reliever without utilizing potentially harmful drugs! The energy from the MedLight will not harm tissue, and is completely side-effect-free. Perhaps best of all is that the results are cumulative, which means the more you use the MedLight, the more it will improve your circulation and relieve pain. If you are ready to relieve pain, and improve mobility and range of motion without needing a prescription, it’s time to give the MedLight 630PRO a try. What do you have to lose?


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